Success Stories

Courtney Underwood is the real deal! I was fortunate enough to meet Courtney when we both spoke on a panel at Success Junkie Summit. Since then, I’ve gotten to experience her phenomenal work with Kassar Consulting. From seeing this great work, I asked her to come to speak to my students at Chicago Urban League’s NextDEAL Entrepreneurship program. She lead an amazing presentation on best HR and business practices, and she was one of the classes favorite presenters. I highly recommend Courtney if you need a dynamic speaker, presenter, or HR needs for your business.

Kevin Davenport
Founder & President, The Ideal Candidate

Kassar Consulting values people, and that makes all of the difference. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help me grow my business. Courtney instills knowledge in you and your team on how to accomplish your goals. In addition, she has the strength, experience and answers for you and your business to operate in growth, purpose and success. She is one of the best to make your dreams and business flourish – working with her is a necessary investment.

Stephanie Ortiz
Purpose Coach, STR Ministries

We were amazed by how effortlessly Kassar Consulting was able to address our employee issues to ensure a seamless transition. Courtney prepared everything from start to finish, and made sure to follow up. Our industry is currently in turbulent times, but working with her ensured that we are standing strong.

Jon Robinson
Import Specialist, Hellman Worldwide Logistics

Courtney is absolutely fantastic at not only helping you understand the framework for making successful hires (and how to make you a successful employer), but she actually makes you thrilled to make your next hire. Hiring always seemed so scary for me as a new business owner. Instead of feeling nervous to hire my next employee, she has given me confidence and a foundation to build from.

Morgan Andenas Weber
CEO, Lucky Pup Adventures

Courtney is an excellent communicator, organized, hardworking and extremely professional. Her experience in HR Management for businesses is a definite need. Her last speaking engagement with business owners really opened my eyes regarding how to hire the right people correctly in order to scale a business. I highly recommend Courtney!

Anterio Jackson
Chief Amazement Officer , Credit Honor

Entrepreneurship can be a tough journey to navigate. Courtney is dedicated to making sure people know the best roads to travel. She is an amazing speaker and beyond that a true professional. I recommend her if you’re looking to scale your business and draw up a plan for continued success!

Brittany Watkins
Chief Inspiration Officer, Faultless Inspirations

Courtney is the full package. I couldn’t begin to explain the amount of poise and grit it takes to accomplish what I’ve seen her accomplish. Stabilizer is the word I would use to describe Courtney. She’s level and cool under pressure. Yes, she thinks outside the box and certainly knows how to move things forward, but there’s something about her demeanor and approach that puts you at ease when working with her. I have no way of knowing when Courtney and I will cross paths again, but I welcome it always.

Dustin Brewer
Performance Consultant, Dale Carnegie

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