Management doesn't have to be overwhelming. Our digital library can help.

Transformation Starts With PeopleWe provide customized workshops, executive coaching and leadership development to develop confident, strategic leaders who know how to manage healthy and effective teams.

Executive Coaching

Individualized coaching for leaders to assess skills, increase self-awareness, set goals and achieve outcomes.

Off-Site Team Retreats

Strengthen relationships, refocus your team, and keep them energized with a 1-2 day fully customized offsite retreat. 

Speaking Engagements

Workshops. Keynotes. Panels. Our award-winning CEO is a noted public speaker, comfortable in rooms of 15 or 500+. 

Our Signature ProgramsEngaging. Interactive. Transformative.

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Improve The Manager, Improve The Team

The numbers don’t lie:

  • 82% of workers would consider quitting their jobs because of a bad manager
  • The average manager doesn’t receive professional development until they’ve led a team for 4 years
  • 85% of executives are not confident in their leadership pipelines

When you put these numbers together, the picture is grim; managers are ill-equipped, succession planning is non-existent and turnover is high. Simply put, investing in your managers strengthens your organization at all levels, period.

Our Management Accelerator provides participants with key competencies, leadership skills, self awareness, customized support – it’s our signature program for a reason.


Let Go Of Tasks And Focus On What Matters

In this half-day workshop, first-time managers learn to shift from individual contributors to true team leaders. Before they can truly master into their new roles, they must conquer their mindset. This interactive session tackles and confronts the following critical issues:

  • 7 common traps that first time managers must conquer
  • how to identify which tasks to delegate
  • learning the art of decision making
  • assessing opportunity cost
  • and much more!
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Customized Expert Solutions

For a limited set of clients per quarter, the Kassar Consulting team conducts on-site audits. We will assess your current team structure, identify the gaps affecting performance, create a custom smart team plan and then guide you on making the necessary change to create a streamlined, structured and successful team. 

  • Customized HR solutions 
  • Built-in implementation and support of policies, procedures and programs
  • Accountability to track and measure effectiveness