Management doesn't have to be overwhelming. Our digital library can help.

Serving Solopreneurs to Mid-Size BusinessesNo matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, we offer the specialized expertise needed to grow and scale your business with proven corporate strategies.

Screening & Selection

Building your team to scale your business is never an easy decision, but our tools and insight can equip you to learn what makes a great hire – and what doesn’t.

Onboarding & Orientation

If you’re hiring a W-2 employee or 1099 contractor, you need to protect your business with proper documentation. Let us show you how.

Performance & Engagement

What keeps vital employees happy, and what sends them packing? We know what separates the good from the great.

Policies & Procedures

How do you communicate expectations in a way that’s both fair and easy to understand? Let us write handbooks, memos, policies and best practices for you.

Templates and TrainingsEasy and effective online courses and digital downloads to hire, manage and develop your team.

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Let Go Of Tasks to Set Yourself Free

Many entrepreneurs that launch businesses are managing it on a shoestring budget, which typically requires that they are a team of one, or operating with a skeleton crew of freelancers. In order to scale and build their business, these leaders must hire additional support. But how do they decide which tasks to let go? How do they conquer the fears and doubt of trusting someone else with their vision? How do they assess what will take their business to the next level? 

Courtney’s years of experience, continued education, strategic thinking, advocacy for both the employer and employee, and passion for growing smart, solid companies, allows her to provide targeted training via her latest masterclass: Put Down The Cape. 

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Proven Techniques to Manage Your Team

Kassar Consulting helps entrepreneurs and leaders learn proven corporate strategies to manage their teams and increase their productivity, profits, and peace of mind.  

  • Practical and streamlined tools, templates and checklists
  • Training in an easy-to-digest format
  • Live Q&A sessions and feedback from industry leaders 
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Customized Expert Solutions

For premium B2B clients, the Kassar Consulting team visits their workplace to assess their current team structure, identifies the gaps affecting performance, creates a custom smart team plan and then guides them on how to make the necessary change to create a streamlined, structured and successful team. 

  • Customized HR solutions 
  • Built-in implementation and support of policies, procedures and programs
  • Accountability to track and measure effectiveness